5 Favorite Posts of May 1, 2019

Alright, today we will cover the FAVORITE posts from the INTERNET.

Basically the ones that had caught my attention the most, along with some I just genuinely enjoyed reading 🙂

Here they are below, in no particular order…

A Wellness Retreat For Your Skin?

The pursuit of wellness has never been more salient in America, perhaps even eclipsing the pursuit of wealth…..

5 Health and Wellness Uses for Google Home

The Google Home (or another smart speaker) can be an incredibly useful tool for staying off your phone, and easily tracking things you wouldn’t track otherwise. So how smart speakers can improve health-related behaviors?….

Eating insects can benefit human health, global climate

The United Nation suggests edible insects could be one environmentally friendly solution to address the protein needs of a growing world population. The UN projects that food production will need to almost double to feed an estimated 9.1 billion people by 2050.

15 Secrets A Gym Instructor Won’t Tell You

Whether you have a personal trainer or like to take part in group fitness classes, you probably have come to see gym instructors as a type of superhero. They’re super fit and full of energy and motivational sayings, even in the wee hours of the morning.

But just like your gym has secrets, your gym instructor has a few tricks up his or her sleeve that might surprise you. Read on to find out what secrets your gym instructor is hiding.

Put down the protein shake: Variety of protein better for health

Researchers have examined whether there are any ongoing ramifications or potential side-effects from long-term high protein intake or from consuming certain types of amino acids. Read on…

There you have for your health and wellness.

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