I assume you have a juicer, and it is collecting dust like mine. Meanwhile summer is getting hotter which means it’s perfect time to clean your juicer and put it to work.

A lot of people including myself like to drink a fresh squeezed juice at the same time we don’t like cleaning up. We rather opt for bottled store bought  juices. The problem with this is most industrial juices are packed with un wanted sugars. Their nutrients are stripped down to zero leaving you with nothing but empty promises.

Therefore when i feel lazy to juice because i don’t like to clean i ask myself this question. “What is hard”

a) Cleaning my juicer? or

b) Doctor’s order ?

The answer is always the latter, and that’s what motivates me to make a fresh juice every morning and i hope this will be your motivation also.

Now, let’s look at the 4 steps to make a fresh Juice.

  1. Wash produce thoroughly. Unwashed fruit and vegetable can be coated with dirt and bacteria, so a quick wash is an important step in the juicing making process.
  2. Peel if necessary. Peeling lemons and limes is optional, but i typically peel oranges and grapefruits.
  3. Cut or tear produces to size. IT must be able to fit through the juicer’s feeder tube, so cut any produce that might be too large.
  4. Feed produce through the juicer’s chute. If your machine has more than one speed, you can shift between high for harder produce such as apples and carrots, to low for softer fruits and vegetables such as spinach and berries.

That’s it. You’ve made your fresh juice. Drink it and celebrate. Cheers!

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