I wanted to publish the first content for this brand New Year (2016). I came up with this quick, short and wit article called Does Your 2016 List Pass The Test? . It may be the beginning of the “First” tradition where by every year i will come up with this list. Feel free to join me.

                            “Does Your 2016 List Pass The Test? Here are mine:” 

The first time i opened my eyes in 2016 was 7:12AM (a bit late for me)

The first 2016 drink i had was lemon water with a hint of cayenne and honey.

The first scripture i read in 2016 is found on Isaiah 43:19 “Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.”

The first 2016 breakfast i had was Kite Hill’s plain almond milk yogurt (probiotic and healthy) with banana.

The first establishment i visited is Panera bread (i went there not to eat but to jolt down 2016 business breakdown)

The first 2016 email i sent was to 40 people on my contact list with a Happy New Year Message.

The first 2016 email i read was from Napoleon Hill’s Thought for the Day‏. I get his emails every morning and i think they have some sort of Wisdom.

The first lunch i had was an open-faced mushroom and hummus sandwich + Kevita’s Lemon Cayenne drink (another probiotic product). I’m going to declare that my 2016 started with “P” (we’ll discuss more about this trend in coming days). You’ll find my mushroom and hummus recipe on the book to be announced…….

The first 2016 TV program i watched was TBN’s Living Beyond organic hosted by Jordan Rubin. This guy speaks my language and i didn’t know about him, his show or anything. His message made me I feel home, and i learned something new called Amasai (another probiotic drink).

The first 2016 text message i got was from Dan (no he is no where online to be found). He wished me a Happy New Year.

The first 2016 outfit i had on is Amanda Jeans by Gloria Vanderbilt (CNN-Anderson Cooper’s Mom) with a turtleneck sweater by Zara, and a hat and gloves and winter coat by Ellen Tracy.

The first 2016 phone i touched was an iphone6

Ok it is still 3:50PM eastern time so i have several more hours to figure more 2016 firsts before the end of the day.

The first 2016 course i created is called A Slim Body, Flawless Skin, & Unlimited Energy start in your kitchen.
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During the program you’ll learn how to:
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– Get Healthy, for Good

A Class Designed For Your Lifestyle.  Attend from anywhere in the world Online.

– Reboot Your Metabolism
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– Boost Your Energy
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– Solve Your Cravings
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