Health and wellness are very important to me. Between work and travel I have to find unique ways to stay healthy. My go-to place right now is Juice Press. I can actually have it as many times per day as possible without it ever getting old. My favorite juice is called F*#%ING GENIUS. I also have a have a secret weapon that I will share eventually. She’s a nutritionist that will change your life. Her whole concept includes biohacking and high-performance living. Her philosophy has made me become obessesed with evolving into a superhuman! With that said, this is our 6 wellness picks we’re obsessed this week. This is a good way to start your work week. In no particular obsession order, make-up free Jennifer Lopez had to start our conversation after we snag her face below from her snapchat account. We think she looks terrific!

1. Jennifer Lopez is almost unrecognizable as she shows off her natural beauty with no make-up

Make up free JLo
JLo’s snap chat photo

2. Comparing Khloe Kardashian, Amber Rose and Christie Brinkley’s new books

3. Spray On Polish Gives 20 Second Manicure, Technology Meets Beauty Industry (VIDEO)
As a DIY pedicure/ manicure, this spray nail polish is probably the best invention since a sandwich. You can carry that bottle with you anywhere and when you feel like purple nail polish, you just spray it. Voila, purple nails, like magic. I love it!

4. How Fitbit Dominated the World’s Wrists in 2015
So many wearables to keep track of but there is always a mother of all and in this case we are giving it to fitbit.

5. Working out? Try to Avoid Eating These Kinds of Food As Much As Possible

6. Your Ultimate 8-Week Guide for Staying in Shape Through the Holiday Season

Bonus: Motivational Monday: 7 tips to beat holiday weight gain

App of the week: Bodeefit.
The world becomes your gym with bodeefit. Workouts you can do anywhere, at home, in a park or on the road.

Meal of the week: Branzino at Lexington Brass


I’m the type of person that becomes addicted to something that I really like ~ I become obsessed. When it comes to food, once I find something that I love I go through a phase where I eat it non-stop. This past week I became obsessed with the Branzino at Lexington Brass. It’s aaahmasssing! I like love it, and the kale salad is match made in heaven. I’ve had so much of it that I might turn into a fish. It’s that good ~ but I need to find a new obsession… a new meal of the week.

There you have our 6 + bonus wellness picks we’re obsessed with this week. Of-course there plenty more to sift through but we think these are exceptional. What a great way to start your healthy work week. Till next time.

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